Zendaya Coleman says Hollywood is controlling, manipulative

Zendaya Coleman – who rose to fame with Disney’s Shake it Up – claims that Hollywood is very controlling and manipulative. The star compares lying to something as common as drinking coffee, but she tries to take control of her career as much as possible.

Asked what she finds most surprising about the industry, she told The Hollywood Reporter: “It’s very controlling and weird and manipulative. People want to take from you.

People lie. To people in Hollywood, [lying] is like drinking coffee, it’s crazy.”

And while she enjoys social media for selfies as much as anyone else, the 20-year-old star also embraces these channels to raise important issues.

“I like to post selfies and fun things that I’m working on. But recently my Snapchat has become like a history class … I feel like if you have a platform, it’s your obligation to talk about how you feel. To me there’s no excuse to be ignorant anymore. Everything is at your fingertips.

You can’t pretend like you’re not seeing innocent black men being killed. We have videos, and they’re circulating all over the internet. Or you can’t pretend you’re not understanding things about politics or hearing what people are saying who are our presidential candidates. It’s an interesting time. And I feel like it’s allowing us millennials to really take over.”

Meanwhile, Zendaya admits it’s hard to grow up in the public eye and being judged and criticized before she’s had a chance to even discover herself.

She explained: “Everybody’s normal. The only difference is they’re living out what would happen to a normal teenager in front of everybody, which is hard because you have people judging you before you even know who you are yet.”

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