Victoria Beckham uses the power of crystals for positive energy

Victoria Beckham revealed she is constantly surrounded by crystals as they provide her with positive energy.

The Spice Girls star – who runs her own fashion label – thanks her success to “healing crystals” which she keeps on her purse to attract good vibes.

She stated: “I’m really into crystals. I’m a real positive thinker. I believe in creative visualization – the glass is always half full. I have no time for anything negative. I bought crystals for all my team, so they carry them too.”

And Posh Spice isn’t the only celebrity who depends on crystals for good luck. Madonna, Adele, Sam Smith and others have also come forth expressing their beliefs in the holistic treatment.

Smith spent money on healers Spellbound Sky while recovering from a surgery on his vocal cords. He also purchased a love potion to assist in finding a date.

Beckham might even hand out the crystals to her kids, who are all pursuing stardom. Brooklyn has already tried photography and modeling, while Romeo strives to become a catwalk star. Cruz, meanwhile, is an emerging soccer player while also demonstrating some singing talent. Lastly, Harper looks to follow in her mother’s footsteps by looking into fashion.

While Beckham enjoys being a mother, she admitted to have suffered some embarrassing moments after facing an incident at her kids’ sports day.

She explained on Late Night with Seth Myers: “I was at sports day and I thought, ‘It’s the taking part that counts.’ One of the moms said, ‘We’ll run at the back together.’ Then she steamed ahead! She won and I was at the back.”

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