Twiggy wants to eliminate selfies from the world

WGSN Fashion Awards in London67-year-old model Twiggy says she can’t stand selfies and doesn’t understand people’s obsession with posting images of themselves online.

Asked what she’d remove from the world, the iconic model told Grazia magazine: “The person who invented selfies. I hate the bloody things. I just don’t get them.”

The star also feels embarrassed when others ask her to pose for selfies, especially while in a drunken state.

She explained: “I was at a black tie do and a very tipsy young lady asked if she could take a selfie with me in the loo.

I declined and I found it very embarrassing. When the booze starts to flow, people can get very excitable.”

And the model says she’s proud to have followed her passion and urges others to be brave and do the things they believe in.

“Follow your dreams. I’ve met so many people in their fifties who say there was something they wanted to do but never did because they weren’t brave enough. So I say do it, even if it doesn’t work. At least you won’t have any regrets.”

Twiggy enjoys relaxing with a bath at the end of each day, although it doesn’t always work as planned. The star, who is a big reader, has occasionally had an incident or two during her down time.

She explained: “I was reading a book in the bath and was just at a really good bit when I dropped it in the water.

I screamed and [my husband] Leigh came running in to see what had happened. It’s very crinkly now but at least I got to the end of the book.”

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