Troian Bellisario has a fear of short hair

Actress Troian Bellisario vows to never cut her hair shorter than her shoulders following a disagreement with a dear friend during her younger years. A kindergarten pal stopped talking to Bellisario for a month after she had her locks chopped off, causing the incident to stay in her memory.

Bellisario told People magazine: “I have always wanted to cut my hair. My hair has never been shorter than my shoulders. I think once when I was little I cut it off. It was down to my knees and I cut it up to here [to my chin] and I had a really bad reaction.

My best friend didn’t talk to me, we were like in kindergarten. She didn’t talk to me for like a month because she loved my hair. So I immediately become panicked whenever anybody cuts my hair.”

The actress says she has an irrational fear of being rejected based on her hair’s length as a result.

She added: I just have this awful sense memory of people rejecting me. So I want to cut my hair more than anything and I am also completely terrified of it.”

Speaking of hair-related memories, the 30-year-old star also recalled a time when she shaved off half her eyebrow.

“I think my mom was teaching me how to pluck my eyebrows and I was like, ‘Oh, this is stupid I should just shave them!’

So I took a razor and I just tried to get literally where you pluck your eyebrows but with a razor. And I shaved half of it … It was awful. I was very little and I went crying to my mom and she was like well this will be a funny story to tell one day. And it is.”

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