Teresa Palmer praises Mel Gibson

Teresa Palmer – who stars in Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge – gushed about the actor over his “beautiful childlike nature.” The 30-year-old actress insists he’s “the best” and is very easy to talk to.

She explained to Who magazine: “He’s the best. He is so jovial and he has this beautiful childlike nature and this infectious quality that just draws you in. I mean, he does not see himself on a pedestal at all, even though people try to put him on one.”

And Teresa – who is about to welcome her second child with Mark Webber – couldn’t stop praising the Braveheart star for his natural ability to engage and interact with others.

“I have worked with a lot of actors who will go and do their thing and then at lunchtime they typically go into their trailer and have an assistant get them lunch or whatever.”

Mel would sit and eat with the whole cast, the whole crew, knew everyone’s name. We had a crew of 200 plus. Constantly be engaging with people.”

Meanwhile, the actress and her 36-year-old husband recently revealed their second child’s name will be Forest.

He posted on his Instagram account: “Forest, we’re so excited to meet you. #comingsoon, #3boyz and #proudpapa.”

Despite living a busy life between work and expanding her family, Teresa says she’s not planning on stopping any time soon. In fact, her dream has always consisted of raising a total of six children.

She revealed: “Everyone who knows me knows I want six children.”

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