Susan Boyle opens up about her love life

Dating is not exactly a priority for Susan Boyle at the moment, but she recently discussed a relationship with a doctor living Florida. And while the two haven’t seen each other in a while, she hopes their romance doesn’t become a thing of the past.

The two met while she toured in America and immediately hit it off. The artist, however, also acknowledges she’s too busy to actively pursue this potentially-long-term relationship.

She told Event magazine: “Well, I just haven’t seen him for a while. He’s a nice man, he took me out for a meal and we got friendly, you know. Everyone was going daft looking for me and there I was with this lovely guy. Potentially it’s not finished.

I’d like to see him more. But I’m very busy, and it’s been a long time but I would like someone. I’m very sensitive. I can be loving and loyal, and then sometimes I can be pretty hard to get.”

Susan also talked about her late father’s temper and admitted he occasionally abused her physically as a child.

“My father, though a very good man, had a temper. He showed it to me and he hurt me. He didn’t mean to but I held on to this for years and when he was dying [he passed away in 1997 aged 81], I had to let it go. You have to accept it, that’s maturity.

It’s not easy, but you have to let it go and replace it with a new self, that’s what I’ve been focusing on in the past six months. It’s difficult, I’ve a lot of good and bad memories.

I’ve been coming to terms with it. All of these things that happened in my life, you have to let go of the bad. I’ve seen the Queen and sung at her birthday, all of that is wonderful.”

Meanwhile, the star worried fans earlier this year after suffering a meltdown, which prompted her to fly less often to help cope with stress.

She added: “I was feeling rushed. It was a misunderstanding that’s been resolved. I wrote an apology to the airport and now everything is OK, but I’m trying not to fly much now because I don’t want to get agitated. I’m dealing with it.”

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