Suki Waterhouse hated fashion and trends

Suki Waterhouse admitted she hated wearing heels and dresses while growing up. And although she enjoys experimenting with fashion these days, the star had described her distaste as “allergic” at the time.

She told Refinery29: “When I started modelling I remember a casting director telling me I better start dressing like a girl.

I was allergic to heels or dresses or anything that wasn’t really baggy. I enjoy all the extremes of fashion now and experimenting for different moments.”

And the model revealed she’s inspired by 1960s fashion and has learned a lot by studying Sienna Miller.

She shared: “Well, I love ’60s influences like Brigitte Bardot but more modern icons would be women like Sienna Miller. Just always so chic.

My favourite brands range from smaller ones like Rixo London – I love their dresses – to brands I utterly lust after like Gucci and Miu Miu. I admire Erdem and Christopher Kane for their consistently amazing collections I wish I could wear the whole time!”

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty had recently admitted she even welcomes unattractive fashion and believes people should dress oddly, as it makes them more unique.

“I’ve always liked the play on girly and sweet where you can also add in a sense of randomness. It was dorky in the 60s, and sexy but not overtly so.

People are too ‘put together’ these days, there’s not enough ‘weird’ going on. Sometimes if I put an outfit on Instagram some people will comment going ‘Ooh the bag and dress doesn’t go’ – well maybe I didn’t care that they didn’t. I almost like the ‘ugly’ fashion. If you think you’re a cool girl then you’re probably not cool. You might look cool, but that doesn’t mean you are,” she commented.

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