Sofia Vergara unsuccessfully tried to improve her accent

Sofia Vergara once spent a large sum of money trying to improve her accent with speech lessons.

The actress felt uncomfortable about her strong word pronunciation upon entering the film industry, but says her efforts ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Speaking to Harry Connick Jr. on his self-titled TV show, she said: “I spent so much money when I decided I was going to act. I’m like, ‘I’m moving to Los Angeles, I’m gonna hire the best speech coach…”

The star was unable to understand why other actresses couldn’t master the English language, believing it to be an easy task.

She continued: “I can’t understand why Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz can’t learn how to speak perfectly – I’m gonna do it!'”

The Modern Family actress revealed that her son Manolo, 24, quickly grew impatient as she was unable to improve her speech after numerous attempts.

She added: “He would run lines with me … and he’d say, ‘Mum, I just corrected you, like, two seconds ago and you said the word again wrong.'”

Speaking of which, the 44-year-old had previously admitted she is happy to have had a son at a young age.

“I think it helps when he grows up and you are like friends, as well as mother and son. It’s fantastic to have your kids young, because you have so much energy.”

Sofia also opened up about her family, revealing how they regularly cope with stressful situations.

“I think my family’s really funny. Colombian people need that because we come from times that were tough, and sometimes the only way to survive that was to make fun of ourselves and those situations.”

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