Sharon Osbourne no longer drinks alcohol

After a turbulent first half of the year, Sharon Osbourne is now on another mission. The 63-year-old wife, mother and television personality is a judge on The X Factor’ in the UK. This year, she has reportedly improved her behavior during the show thanks to a self-imposed alcohol ban.

A source said: “In previous years Sharon and some of the other judges have often had a few cheeky alcoholic drinks to liven up the long days of filming.”

Viewers have also picked up on the positive changes Osbourne is already portraying.

The source continued: “It’s a long running joke that Mrs O gets much more animated and silly after a drink or two. But viewers have commented on social media that she’s better behaved and more reserved this year.”

While Mrs. Osbourne is busy starring on television shows in the United States and the UK, she has also been dealing with the ongoing fallout from Ozzy Osbourne’s cheating controversy.

An insider recently claimed her martial problems also played a part in her calmer demeanor on The X Factor. However, she isn’t the only judge that enjoys a cocktail or two during the show’s taping.

According to The Daily Star Sunday newspaper, the source also shared: “Sharon’s decided to stay off the booze as she has so much on her plate. Unfortunately for show producers that means she’s not as controversial or outlandish as in previous years.”

Adding about the other judges, the source said: “Some judges sometimes have drinks for a bit of a laugh, but everyone’s been on their best behavior.”

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