Sarah Jessica Parker is meticulous about her outfits

Sarah Jessica Parker says she’s rather thoughtful when selecting what to wear. Although she possesses a large selection of outfits in her closet, the actress first thinks twice about making a purchase.

She told Amazon’s Style Code Live: “I’m actually not a huge shopper. I mean I have more shoes now because I have a shoe collection, but even that I’m very thoughtful about. What do I really need? What can I borrow? What can I not live without? I’ve never, ever, ever, taken anything.

In the case of ‘Sex In The City‘, if we owned it then I owned it and it’s in an archive, but if it was borrowed from a designer, or belonged to someone else, it always went back.”

The star also has a certain code of honor when it comes to using outfits she doesn’t own, adding: “Even when I borrow something for an important event, I always give everything back because I feel as if it’s an honour system. It’s like the library. You return the bag, you loved wearing it, you had custody over it for the night, and allow someone else the opportunity.”

Meanwhile, the actress opened up about her blonde locks, describing a detailed process that is both an art and a science.

She added: “Here is what I really do. I wash my hair with Serge Normant products; that is the dead truth. I use his ‘must haves’ it’s called Meta Silk in the black bottle with the conditioner. Then, I go to bed with a wet head and let the chips fall where they may.

When my hair has been beaten up because I’m working, I use the Meta Morphosis Serge Normant, it’s a miracle in a tub. That’s what I find for me that really saved my hair.

And if your hair doesn’t look good when you wake up in the morning I don’t know what to tell you. I’m sorry about that. Wet it and put it in a bun, just put it in a bun.”

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