Sarah Jessica Parker hints at ‘Sex and the City’ sequel

Sarah Jessica Parker has hinted at a possible Sex and the City movie sequel sometime in the future.

The actress starred as Carrie Bradshaw in the HBO hit series and the successful big screen adaptation. While she admitted there are no current plans on the horizon, the star said they haven’t quite ruled out a third film.

She said on Good Morning Britain: “Today the answer is it’s not on the table but that doesn’t mean it’s not in the warming drawer.”

The 51-year-old actress – who has three children with husband Matthew Broderick – also admitted she doesn’t strive to look very elegant on her days off despite portraying a fashionista on the popular franchise.

“My mum look is probably much like your audiences’ mother look. Time really is the thing that dictates a lot of choices in the morning, I’m not great at like applying my face every morning and doing my hair, I’m just not. I’ve never been good at that, nor do I want to be particularly good at it.”

These days the actress is more concerned with being a parent, even if she “disappoints people all day” with her average, day-to-day looks.

She continued: “I dress practically a lot as a parent and it’s not exciting and it’s not inspiring and I know I disappoint people all day long but I think practicality and time dictates a lot of that and that has a lot to do with being a working parent.”

News of a potential third film comes after revealing she almost turned down her role in the series due to excessive nudity and foul language involved. Her agent, however, managed to convince the actress as the role presented a brand new opportunity.

Parker previously added: “There were a couple of concerns that I had– like I really wasn’t keen on doing nudity and language issues – but Kevin (Huvane, her agent) continued to say to me, ‘This is different. You have never done anything like this before. No one’s ever done a part like this. Do this.’”

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