Sarah Jessica Parker feels guilty about loving her job

Sarah Jessica Parker admitted to feeling bad about spending so much time away from her family while working.

The former Sex and the City actress says she’s conflicted due to enjoying her job as much as spending time with her husband and kids.

She revealed to People and Entertainment Weekly’s Jess Cagle: “[Parenting] changes you in every possible way, but there’s a struggle, there’s a conflict that exists, which is you also want to maintain this other part of your life.

The reason it’s a conflict, usually, is that you like the other life, too.

Someone [told me] that working mothers who work outside of home feel guilty about work because they like the work.”

But the star acknowledged that other working parents are not as lucky to be conflicted because they don’t love their career as much: “That’s the issue. For many working women in this country who are working two and three jobs, it’s not guilt that they suffer, because they don’t love their work.

It’s worry, concern, and time away from their children. It’s such a different experience.”

The biggest benefit to being a working mom is the ability to teach a lot of life experiences to her children as they grow older.

She continued: “The things that I want to impress upon all of my children are the things that are the hardest for me to get right in business.”

Meanwhile, the 51-year-old star, who has been married to Matthew Broderick for almost 20 years, enjoys discussing the highs and lows about long-term relationships with her friends.

She added: “I was saying to someone recently, I can’t counsel you. You can only make these decisions for yourself. But it’s really important to think what you want for the future. Who do you want to be with and travel with and sit in that chair with?

Sometimes, just asking yourself that can help you stop for a second, and perhaps not step outside the boundaries of your relationship.”

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