Ryan Gosling on family life and his latest film, ‘La La Land’

Ryan Gosling and partner Eva Mendes, 42, have two daughters together. The actor recently admitted that his daughters’ birth granted the happiest time of his life.

He shared with Entertainment Tonight: “They’re angels. It’s the happiest time in my life.”

When not busy with family, the actor keeps occupied pursing the latest Hollywood gig. While auditioning for La La Land, Gosling experienced a moment that he was able to transpire to the movie.

He said: “There’s actually a scene in the film, which is based on an audition that I had where it was a very emotional scene I had to do and halfway through, the lady took a call and just kept talking while I was supposed to finish my lines.”

He feels the movie will be as emotional for the audience as it is for his role in it.

The actor added: “I think at their best [musical movies] can be very emotional for the audience, and we really wanted to make a film that people really wanted to see in the theatre.”

The star also hopes the audience welcomes the film and gets to enjoy it on the big screen.

“From what I understand – and I haven’t seen it with a crowd yet – but people enjoy the film, but they also enjoy the experience of seeing it with an audience.”

Unlike Goslings’ other roles, La La Land allows him and co-star Emma Stone to sing and dance in an otherwise unforgiving acting world. There is already Oscar buzz about their performances. La La Land is set to hit theaters on December 2.

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