Ryan Gosling and John Legend bonded over fatherhood

John Legend met actor Ryan Gosling on the set of La La Land and unexpectedly connected over the fact that they’re both parents. The two enjoyed long discussions about the struggles and rewards associated with becoming dads for the very first time.

The singer shared with Entertainment Tonight: “Amada [Gosling’s daughter] and Luna [Legend’s daughter] were both born in April. We talked about it.

We had just announced that we were pregnant right around when we were filming the movie, so … he definitely kind of shared how joyous it is to be a new father and gave me something to look forward to.”

The artist admitted he’s a big fan of Gosling and felt fortunate to have worked with him.

He explained: “That made me feel a little bit more comfortable, that he was learning something new too and had that sense of … the struggle of a new thing. I was really impressed with him playing the piano, and I thought he was doing a really good job.

I’ve been a fan of his work as a film actor for such a long time, so I was excited to work with him. I was just hoping that he didn’t think I brought him down too much, knowing that he’s been doing this for a long time and I haven’t.”

Speaking of which, Legend had previously explained how fatherhood has made him a better songwriter, adding: “I think [what’s different about it is] just growing up.

Having been married for a few years, and having a baby, and all those other things, I think it just informs your perspective a bit and it makes you look at the world a little bit differently. It helped me write songs, and be inspired to write better music, I think.”

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