Russell Brand is a new dad

Russell Brand revealed that he has just become a dad while at a gig last week.

The comic told the audience at the Nottingham Playhouse, East Midlands that he has to leave right after the show to tend to his newborn baby, though he failed to mention whether the little one is a boy or a girl.

A fan subsequently told Mirror Celeb: “He didn’t confirm if it was a girl or a boy.

He was conscious of the clock and made sure he was off stage by just approaching 9pm as he ‘needed to get down the f***ing M21 as my girlfriend has just had a baby’.”

Another fan confirmed the news by stating the baby was born last week. And this is no surprise, as the star had previously expressed an interest in becoming a dad.

He said: “I feel lit up by the idea. I’m very excited about becoming a dad and I’m preparing myself. I am just getting ready to be with a new little person and see what it is they want.”

And the 41-year-old – who was previously with Katy Perry – said it is his fiancée Laura who keeps the house running smoothly: “[Laura is] decorating the nursery. Around domestic issues, my vote is often secondary … Or the vote of my gender at least, so I will just wait to see what is determined.”

The two are now living in the countryside surrounded by chickens. He recently admitted to be much happier practicing a simpler lifestyle rather than living in a crowded space.

He shared: “It is very calm. I look at the chickens; they hatch some eggs. Basically I’m like a village idiot – just looking at livestock.

There is constant conflict between the primal drives: the drive to procreate, the drive to survive, and the drive to have status. But I am no longer deluded as to what may provide happiness.

I’m so much happier over the course of the day to see one or two people and a few chickens, that’s a good way of living.”

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