Rosamund Pike says Hollywood is difficult on women

Actress Rosamund Pike insists that the film industry make it excessively difficult for women to stand out.

Although she’s enjoying a highly successful time at the moment, the 37-year-old beauty revealed that Hollywood culture makes it “doubly testing” for her to land prominent roles. This is partly because there simply aren’t enough big-budget parts being written to go around for everyone.

While speaking at the premiere of A United Kingdom on Wednesday, she said: “It’s not easy being a woman in this business … there aren’t as many roles. It’s also hard from an actor’s point of view to be a person of color. It is fine to be the second lead, but it’s not always so easy to be the lead.”

Rosamund – who was honored with the Best Actress Empire award for her role in Gone Girl – is very happy that director Amma Asante successfully produced United Kingdom, adding that she deserves every success that comes from it.

Amma is the first black woman to direct the opening film of the London Film Festival. She also backed Rosamund’s comments about the film industry and wishes for more equality among men and women.

“We are not a minority as women, we are 50 per cent of the population and we also play a large part in getting men to the cinema to watch these films that often times is with white men within a certain age bracket on screen, and it’s not to say women directors will always direct women’s stories but seeing the world through a female gaze from time to time shouldn’t be an odd thing, it shouldn’t be 1.4 per cent of the time. It’s getting better (for female directors) but it’s not good.”

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