Rob Kardashian hopes his daughter doesn’t become a stripper

Rob Kardashian insists he wouldn’t want his unborn daughter to become a stripper, effectively following in Blac Chyna’s footsteps.

In an upcoming scene from the couple’s show, Rob & Chyna, the 28-year-old beauty is seen taking him to the first gentleman’s club she had performed. However, it didn’t take long for the sock designer to express his concerns about their daughter’s future.

He promptly said: “If I ever catch my daughter up in here — boy!”

But Chyna stands by her past and her background, despite his potentially derogatory remarks.

She shared with the camera: “I’m proud of where I came from, and I just wanted to show Rob what I had to go through and the environment that I had to be in to make me this person. But Sensationals is, like, totally ratchet. It might get crazy at times, so I’m not sure how he’s gonna react.”

A previous clip also showed Kardashian upset and visibly uncomfortable before telling her: “I don’t ever want you going back here again.”

It’s been reported that he has been caring for Chyna as much as possible to ensure she is comfortable during these final months of pregnancy.

A source stated: “Rob definitely pampers Chyna at home. He rubs her feet and gives her lots of shoulder massages to make sure she feels good. Rob is making sure she’s comfortable.”

Though typically known for their dramatic arguments, the source said the two are always able to resolve their differences and are just excited about the new baby’s arrival.

“They have their minor spats, but it doesn’t ever last very long and they tend to resolve things quickly. They are totally good right now though, happy and excited for a baby girl.”

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