Rob Kardashian feels insecure about his future with Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian is reportedly concerned that Blac Chyna will eventually start dating other people.

The two are currently expecting a baby and have made a life for themselves – even getting their own TV show together – but the star is still “very insecure in their relationship.”

An insider revealed to People magazine: “He is very insecure in his relationship with Chyna.

They’ve had many instances and fights in which he accuses or suspects that she’s cheated. His issues with trusting girlfriends are deep-rooted.”

Meanwhile, the television personality had also expressed insecurity about his weight and body image.

He admitted: “I do not want to go to Cannes anyways. Even when I was in the best shape of my entire life, I still had an insecurity with my weight.

On top of that, there’s paparazzi people that follow me and take pictures of me and that shuts me down to not wanting to go out when I’m obviously not feeling my best. I’m not comfortable in my skin, I’m not comfortable with this weight. So I feel like I’m not happy with anything I do right now.”

But Kris Jenner is hopeful that his weight will soon be a thing of the past.

She said: “Any time you get down on yourself, it’s always a process to get back on top of it. And Rob has always been so athletic, he was the star track guy in high school and a basketball player, and he was the runner up after 20-whatever weeks on Dancing With the Stars, and dancing live in front of 40 million people or whatever it was …

He’s been such an amazing athlete and in such great shape and very athletic his whole life, so this is not in his comfort zone. This isn’t something he’s experienced, so it’s hard. It’s hard for him to get the weight off like it is for any of us, so he’s definitely been challenged by this. He’ll work through it. I really have faith in him. He’s just gotta put his mind to it.”

Despite his relationship concerns, Rob and Chyna are reportedly still very close to one another.

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