Reese Witherspoon is a huge Dolly Parton fan

Reese Witherspoon recently attended a concert by iconic Country singer Dolly Parton. To her surprise, the artist gave her a shoutout and nearly caused the actress to pass out from excitement.

Reese posted online: “Today’s #MondayMuse?! The incomparable @dollyparton, who made my musical dreams come true last night! … You’re a legend Dolly. I will always love you! #DreamsDoComeTrue #DollywoodBowl …Nearly passed out when @DollyParton said my name”

The 70-year-old singer will likely be touring for a while as she’s admitted to still have plenty of songs the public hasn’t heard. In fact, she’s been writing consistently since the age of four, though it’s safe to say her earlier work may not make it to future albums.

She previously stated: “I started making up songs when I was four or five. The first one I can remember was about a little corncob doll that my mother made for me and which I named Tiny Tasseltop.”

Her mom was impressed by the artist’s ability to put words together and helped spread the word among friends.

“Mamma was fascinated by how I used to rhyme words, so she used to write them down and tell them to people. She kept shoeboxes full of songs that I wrote when I was little.”

Dolly admitted to have written thousands of songs, with many of them already recorded and needing only minor adjustments.

She continued: “I’ve probably written 5,000 songs in my career. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds copyrighted and recorded, but there are so many more – boxes and trunks full of them – that I’ll go back and rework. I’ll think: that was a great title, or a great melody, but the song is not quite there yet.”

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