Rebecca Ferguson wants to move to France

Rebecca Ferguson is considering moving to Paris, France, after staying in the popular city while touring. The singer, who is temporarily residing there, says the decision will be based on her album’s success and how her career goes.

She explained to Bang Showbiz: “I’m in Paris at the minute but because I’ve got the tour coming up, I’m probably going to have to move back [to the UK], which is really annoying.

I want to stay in Paris but it depends how this album goes. I’m really busy in the UK. ”

The 30-year-old artist – who has two children from a past relationship – is already enjoying local places and meeting people there, which have only increased her desire to become a permanent resident.

“I was messaging people in the label saying I just want to do little jazz bars in Paris. I’ve made a few mates, the cheeseman, the baker.”

The singer’s idea to move comes after dealing with the loss of someone very special to her. She added: “I like winging life a little bit, life’s too short and I lost someone really close to me this year and it really taught me to live life and enjoy it.”

Meanwhile, Rebecca had recently admitted to be heartbroken when she was called a “mistress” for unknowingly getting involved with a man who was in another relationship.

She shared: “I went through a crazy breakdown with my daughter’s father and found out he had a girlfriend and was heartbroken. And then I got labelled a mistress and I was so angry and upset. To me that is not what it was. To me I didn’t know he had a partner.”

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