Perrie Edwards admits dating fellow musicians is hard

Singer Perrie Edwards admits that dating someone in the music industry can be tricky due to the busy schedules that come with the profession.

The Little Mix artist was previously engaged to musician Zayn Malik until they broke up in 2015. And although dating a fellow singer allows them to be more understanding of one another, she admits the lack of personal time can quickly put a strain in the relationship.

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, she said: “I think there’s a better understanding if they’re in the same industry. I feel like they get it a bit more. But it’s harder for you both because you have to make time.”

And fellow bandmate Jade couldn’t agree more. The star, who started dating bassist Jed Elliott earlier this year, admitted that their relationship still feels new due to a lack of personal time together.

“I won’t see Jed until Christmas. It means I still feel like I’m on first dates and get nervous around him,” Jade added.

And while Perrie disliked the lack of time for romance, she believes that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” She has noticed that the more time a person spends with someone, the more “samey” and ordinary the relationship might feel.

She explained: “When you’re together all the time, it does get samey. But – especially when you’re travelling constantly – absence makes the heart grow fonder. You then get excited every time you get on the plane knowing you are gonna see them.”

Finally, the star believes the most important thing is to strike a perfect balance between a person’s career and love life.

“You have to find a balance. You need to find someone who won’t make you choose. You should never be with someone who is like, ‘It’s your career or me!’, because they aren’t good enough, obviously.”

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