Olly Murs might turn to Tinder for dates

Olly Murs is considering the use of Tinder to find a potential date and see where it goes. But the 32-year-old star – who has been single since breaking up with Francesca Thomas in 2015 – is also wary of people who would only date him in pursuit of fame.

He shared on The Jonathan Ross show: “I haven’t tried any apps. I’ve been tempted to go on Tinder just for the craic and see what happens. I’ve been dating, it’s been interesting… I think if they’re in it and just going out with me to be famous, I’m a pretty good judge of character.”

One of his reasons for using the popular dating app is due to a series of strange dates he has had as of late.

“I’ve had a couple of strange dates.” It’s never happened to me before but I was in this bar and restaurant and [me and a girl had] organized to meet up.

I was at the bar and I ordered us drinks… So it’s gone 15 minutes and I’m still there waiting, she said ‘I’ll be there in a minute’… 15 minutes that’s fine I can deal with that…

Half an hour later I’m still waiting, texting her to check she’s okay and she ended up being 45 minutes late and the barman just kept coming up, ‘You haven’t got anyone coming have you?’ and I was like ‘Yes I have!’… 45 minutes, I was pretty smashed [by the time she arrived] It did help the date. The date was OK, it was good.”

Murs recently revealed his disappointment upon learning that The Saturdays star Mollie King was into Calvin Harris instead of him.

He added: “Mollie said she preferred Calvin (Harris). That’s what I heard. I think she said, ‘Yeah I like Olly, he’s great, but I really like Calvin’. I was like, ‘Oh cheers!’ At the moment I’m not really seeing anyone.”

The singer also expressed his opinion over famous dates, believing they don’t normally pursue him due to a lack of connection.

“I don’t date famous people, not really, I don’t think they like me. They prefer other people! I’d never say no to dating anyone famous but I’ve never really met anyone that I’ve had that connection with. I just get attracted to normal girls.”

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