Nicole Scherzinger: My greatest weakness is love

Nicole Scherzinger – who had previously dated Lewis Hamilton and is currently seeing Grigor Dimitrov – admits she is a “fool for love” and says it’s always hard having to let someone go. In fact, the star insists that love is her greatest weakness and considers herself “a real sucker.”

She shared with The Express’ S magazine: “My greatest weakness is – I’m a fool for love. A real sucker … The bravest thing I’ve ever done is loving someone and letting them go when you know it’s not healthy for you, or serving you. Then you’re finally loving yourself.”

And while she spends a lot of time traveling the world, Nicole misses her family back in Hawaii and sometimes wishes for life to be simpler. On the other hand, the star acknowledges this is a “new chapter and a new beginning” and welcomes it with open arms.

“The last time I cried was last night. I was sad. Coming to the UK means embarking on a lot. It’s a new chapter and a new beginning. I’m excited, but inside I really miss my home and my family. My mum, sisters and nieces are so far away,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Nicole had previously revealed to struggle with homesickness and likes to stay busy as a result.

She shared: “I get homesick. England keeps me busy and I love the amazing restaurants here but I really do miss the island. One of my friends said I’m a bit of a masochist. I like keeping busy. I’m better when I’m being productive.”

Overall, the brunette beauty feels pretty good about her life, adding: “I’m at a very good place now. I’m really happy. I don’t feel like there is any wall up or any tension or awkwardness. But that’s what’s so great with time and life and experience. What doesn’t break you or doesn’t kill you really only makes you stronger.

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