Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban regularly camp out

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban – who wed in 2006 – revealed they often camp out in the garden with their two daughters. And while the family enjoys some family time outdoors, they usually return inside before dawn due to the cold weather.

In fact, his daughters even surprised him with a tent for his 49th birthday last month, while Nicole got him a telescope.

She told E! News: “He got the telescope from me, and he also got a tent to go camping in the backyard from the girls. We camped in the backyard. We slept in the tent and then we go into the house half way through the night.

We tried. It gets cold and the girls were like, ‘It’s too cold can we go inside.’ I like that they are happy to give it a shot.”

Despite these joyous moments, there have been plenty of rumors of a potential split as the country singer spends a lot of time away while on tour. He is currently in the Untied States and will eventually visit Zealand and Australia to conclude. However, Keith insists they are doing okay and stay in touch every night.

He explained on The Today Show: “It does [annoy me], I want to live our life together, and the fact we live somewhere where we’re not being photographed all the time – it makes it possible for people to make up that stuff because you’re not always there to defend it.

We just get on with living our lives. I call her in the encore every single night. I just say hi and tell her how the show was.”

And he believes the secret to their successful marriage is by spending as much time as possible together: “We’re best friends and we love doing everything together – we’re the priority. Everything else comes after that.”

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