Nick Cannon wishes to spend the holidays with Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon – who has five-year-old twins with former wife Mariah Carey – wishes to spend every holiday with his family despite their split. The star also insists there are “no hard feelings and ill will” as Mariah will always be special to him.

He explained to People magazine: “I think that’ll be something that we’ll always embrace as a family and as our families expand. And continue to make sure that we keep everyone focused on love.”

The 36-year-old television personality feels okay seeing Mariah dating whomever she pleases as it’s ultimately about the kids’ happiness.

He shared: “It’s kinda the norm. It’s all rooted in love, it’s all rooted in positive energy. There’s no hard feelings and ill will. Ultimately, it’s about putting the kids first and making sure they have the best childhood they could possibly have.”

And the two had recently spent Halloween together, where his son controlled the music and was the life of the party.

“My son is the biggest ham in the world and loves deejaying. He deejayed the Halloween party, rockin’ the mic. It was crazy. This party was the first time I was like, ‘Man, do your thing.’”

Nick acknowledged how the kids are very similar to them in style, talent, and overall personality.

He explained: “And so he was scratching and talking on the mic. And he’s seen me do it so much that he’s got the hang of it. So I think he’s gonna be taking Daddy’s job real soon. And then my daughter’s a lot like her mom: loves to sing, loves to dress up. It’s a lot of fun.”

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