Niall Horan thanks fans for embracing him as a solo artist

Niall Horan performed at the American Music Awards (AMA) on Sunday, and although he missed his One Direction bandmates, he wasn’t concerned thanks to the large support received from fans.

Speaking about the experience at the Microsoft theater, he explained: “I’m looking forward to this. This is a show that [One Direction] had success at back in previous years, and had some good performances and had some great nights at, and I’m looking forward to making a few more memories…

If you didn’t have the fans in there, I would be a lost soul. It’s great though. [1D] got to perform in front of such great crowds, and this [solo] one will be no different, I imagine.”

Niall admitted it felt unusual having to attend the event on his own for the first time, but said he still enjoyed the overall experience without pals Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson.

He explained to Entertainment Tonight: “That’s the thing I been asked a lot today. It’s obviously different, buts it’s different because there’s no one else around, but I’ve been enjoying it so far, the performances that I’ve done and it’s been fun and yeah I just really enjoyed it.”

And the singer looked forward to reconnecting with Zayn Malik – who quit the band in 2015 – as they hadn’t had much time to catch up ever since.

“I haven’t spoken to him in a few months or whatever, and haven’t seen him in a while, so I’m looking forward to seeing him,” he explained.

Despite parting ways, Niall insists they all stay in touch to this day.

He told E! News: “I was talking to the boys recently, and yeah, we’re big on the e-mail chat the old e-mail thread. Everyone is great.

Everyone is just kind of enjoying their time, you know, just chilling and doing their own bits and pieces.”

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