Natasha Hamilton wants to quit smoking, run a marathon

Natasha Hamilton wants to quit smoking and gain enough stamina to run a marathon. The singer decided to give up the habit for Stoptober and hopes to gradually improve her health over time.

She told Bang Showbiz: “I want to be smoke free for 28 days and then once I’ve hit that 28-day mark, I know I’m going to be twice as likely to give up.”

Natasha also blames the habit for her inability to run long distances.

“I’ve started with my personal trainer and one of my big targets is to be able to run. I can literally run for about five minutes and my lungs feel tight, it’s not a comfortable experience and it’s because I am smoking.

A few years back I did a half marathon and I could not do that right now. Next year if I am smoke free I could do that again.”

The Atomic Kitten artist is well aware about the difficulty surrounding this journey, but is willing to improve as she constantly feels exhausted.

She shared: “I’ve tried before, I know exactly what I am letting myself in for. I know it’s not going to be easy. I am so ready. I am sick and tired of feeling like rubbish, having a sore throat and not having energy.”

Natasha will also be performing in a theatre production of Aladdin by the end of the year, and she fears smoking might affect her voice.

“I sit there sometimes and think why am I smoking? It’s an addiction and you get on a slippery slope. I’m looking forward to belting it out. I am doing six weeks of intense singing and speaking. Three shows a day some days. So I need to have my voice on top form.”

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