Moby was visited by his deceased father

Moby was shocked beyond words following a visit to a medium, where he reportedly made a connection to the artist’s deceased father.

The 51-year-old musician was astonished after meeting with psychic Tyler Henry on the TV show Hollywood Medium. Moby sat and listened as the host began disclosing details about his dad James, who died in a car accident almost 50 years ago.

Henry said during the reading: “What’s interesting is that I have two distinct energies that I need to highlight and one I would view as being very maternal and the other is very paternal but they come through separately, not together. Do you have anyone who has any New Jersey connections on your dad’s side?”

Moby proceeded to reply: “Yeah, my grandmother on my dad’s side lived in New Jersey and my father was from New Jersey.”

Henry continued gathering details from beyond and writing them down on a notepad.

He then looked up to Moby and said: “The thing I want to mention is that he comes across as dead. So is your father actually dead? There’s two James I want to highlight. I have to mention but it’s connected to that.”

The star, relatively confused yet amazed, replied: “I don’t know about the second James but my father’s name was James.”

The medium subsequently revealed his dad feels closer to the musician now than he did while living.

“OK, there’s an acknowledgement that this man has a very close connection to you but he’s had a closer connection to you on the other side than he ever got to you in life.”

Moby jokingly asked if the two had ever met before as a way of acknowledging his accurate results. Henry then highlighted problems with alcoholism in the family, only for Moby to confirm it.

He added: “So my father died when I was two. And my father died very drunk because he was an alcoholic and he died in a car accident when he was driving.”

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