Mika is considering adopting a baby

Mika has confessed that he would like to have children someday and may consider adopting.

The star – who lives in the United Kingdom with his partner Andreas Dermanis – says that his line of work forces him to be selfish, but would still like to explore fatherhood if time allows.

Mika is the host of the Italian TV show Stasera Casa Mika, and when guest Antonella Clerici asked if he would like children, he answered: “You know if you do this job you have to be a little selfish.”

She then proceeded by asking: “Ok, but where’s your mum now?”

Mika fired back, saying: “She’s here, in the backstage. It’s true, you are right, I get it. Yes I would like to have a baby. But how to have a baby… for me it’s a little bit more complicated.

Maybe I could adopt, or there are many other ways to have a baby nowadays. And the only thing that counts is love in the end. If a baby is loved, he has everything he needs.”

The news comes as a surprise to many, as he had recently insisted he was too selfish and busy for fatherhood: “No, my life is too selfish. Being on tour for 15 months is a huge emotional investment. You have to be around tolerant people … With a child this would not be possible.”

And Mika admitted that his employees often frustrate Andreas when he’s trying to rest after a long day.

He added: “I can say my home is full of books. There’s a lot of art, and there are my two dogs. There’s a gardener, a person who takes care of the home and a cook because eating is fantastic! And then there’s my partner who is always surrounded by people he doesn’t know. That makes him go crazy!”

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