Michael Douglas talks about his first date with Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas says he wasn’t very confident about his future with Catherine Zeta-Jones following an awkward, inappropriate first date.

Douglas, 72, has been married to the actress for almost 20 years and share two children together. And although this is a clear indication of success, the actor still remembers an awful line he used to impress her during their first date.

Speaking about the incident and the questionable one-liner, he revealed on The Jonathan Ross Show: “[He said to Catherine] ‘You know, I’m going to be the father of your children.'”

The Mask of Zorro star wasn’t very impressed and eventually revealed she knew a lot about his past, at which point she swiftly walked away.

Speaking about the awkward conversation, Michael – who also has a 37-year-old son from his previous relationship with Diandra Luker – shared: “[Catherine said] ‘I’ve heard a lot about you and I’ve seen a lot about you and I think it’s time that I said goodnight.’

So I thought ‘I’ve totally blew it.’ She was gone early the next morning and she went to [Scotland]. I thought ‘It’s all gone I’ve just destroyed it.'”

Thankfully the Fatal Attraction star was quick on his feet and sent her a bouquet of roses along with a note apologizing for his behavior.

Meanwhile, Michael thanks the 47-year-old actress for keeping him looking sharp, but he can’t help but feel pre-history due to his lack of social media know-how.

He previously said about the secret to looking youthful: “I’m popping along, a healthy, decent-looking 72. What’s the secret to staying sexy at 70? Like your wife and like your work.

I’m a dinosaur. Thank God for Catherine – one of the huge benefits of having a young, beautiful wife is that she’s also very aware of social media and how you get from here to here.”

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