Michael Bublé hopes he doesn’t get nominated for a ‘BRIT award’

Michael Bublé is hoping to be spared from a BRIT award nomination next year because the thought of losing is too embarrassing.

The singer had recently signed up to host the annual music awards ceremony and has been nominated three times in the past – only to lose every time.

Speaking for Global’s Make Some Noise, he shared: “I don’t even think I’ll be nominated to be honest with you. Can I be completely frank about something? I’m not a big fan of hosting in a year when I’m up for stuff. I just think it kind of looks weird. When I hosted the JUNO Awards in Canada, I tried to make sure it was in a year when the record couldn’t be nominated, because it can look kind of strange.

There was one year when Drake was the host, he was nominated for six and he lost all six so it was kind of just like those ‘urgh’ moments every time he’s up on stage going ‘and the winner is…not me again!’, it’s such a subjective thing winning awards, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about getting to hang out and get drunk with celebrities.”

The 41-year-old singer is taking over for Ant and Dec, who said that the 2016’s ceremony would be their last. To Michael, it is an honor to perform the job and he has nothing but admirable thoughts about them.

He added: “I actually know them very well, and I love them so much. Not just how great they are because obviously you guys know, you’ve have watched them for years on television now and you know how talented they are but what’s beautiful is getting an opportunity to hang out with them and their families and to know that they’re everything you’d hoped they would be. I mean they’re just real guys, they’re beautiful people with beautiful families and I think the truth is, the reason I’m doing it isn’t because I got chosen over anyone else, I think that they had other commitments because I’m sure they would have had them back for the third time.”

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