Michael Bublé became a singer to attract women

Michael Bublé isn’t afraid to admit that he initially became a singer only to attract the opposite sex. While he is now happily married to Luisana Lopilato, his only mission was to have plenty of sexual encounters.

The star revealed on Ireland’s The Late Late Show: “I believe that many of us human beings who happen to be male want to be in any professional [career] so that we can be more attractive to the same or opposite sex because we enjoy sex as human beings.

I was 13 years old and I thought to myself ‘Wow, that would be an aphrodisiac, to get famous and have a girl kiss me finally’.”

Michael has also been asked not to mention his wife in interviews, as this may ultimately alienate some fans.

He shared: “I think at some point you grow up and hopefully you mature and hopefully my travels around the world have given me a better view on things.

People in my life say to me, ‘Please don’t speak about your wife.’ They say, ‘Your kids, that’s cool.’”

However, he firmly believes that a true follower would be able to handle the fact that he is married without a problem.

He continued: “There are people that believe there’s a certain fantasy or something that I think is b*****ks. I don’t think people buy things, I think people buy people.

I just don’t think there are that many axe murderers out there that are sitting in my fanbase going ‘Maybe I can fix him.'”

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