Michael Bublé admits fame had changed him

Michael Bublé landed a lucrative record deal back in his 20s and all appeared to be going well for the star. However, he now admits to have treated family and friends very poorly upon finding fame and regrets every moment of it.

The Feeling Good hitmaker, who now says “he got his karma,” explained on UK radio station BBC Radio 4: “Fame stunts your growth. I handled it very poorly. I regret the way I treated a lot of my family and even myself.

I was reckless with hearts. But I got my karma. Early on I wasn’t equipped to handle it. That’s why you have to have people around you who love you enough to put you in your place.”

And Michael – who has also struggled with marijuana addiction – thanks his wife Luisana Lopilato for changing his ways and helping him become a better person.

He said: “We all battle with our own demons. A lot changed when I had kids.”

The musician says his two sons have also played a major role and insists he would never choose career over family.

“I won’t allow that to happen. I get sick way too often…having young kids is like a petri dish of infections. My manager tells me I have to stay away from my kids and stop kissing them, but I would take getting sick a million times over for those kisses.”

The singer had previously expressed his excitement over becoming a dad, claiming it has been a “massive blessing.”

“I think being a dad gives you perspective. I think really being a parent is a massive blessing.

It’s allowed me to understand deeply that what I do for a living — creating music and art and getting to be a part of a fragrance or a movie — is my job. It isn’t what defines me. What defines me is I’m Noah and Eli’s dad.”

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