Meryl Streep is eager to play Hillary Clinton in biopic

Meryl Streep wants to play Hillary Clinton in a potential biopic, as she has a deep admiration for the Democratic presidential hopeful.

The 67-year-old star was flattered after Hillary named her as the potential person to represent her in a film, but also admitted the project wouldn’t take place any time soon due to the politician’s tight schedule in the White House.

She said at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival: “I’m very flattered to hear that [Hillary wants me in a biopic] but I’ll have to wait for that role. All her great achievements are ahead of her.

This election cannot come soon enough. We’ve been very burdened by it.”

Meanwhile, Meryl had the opportunity to show off her singing skills in Mama Mia! And Into the Woods and confessed she secretly wants to become a singer.

“I would still like to be a singer. I’m not very good. But I keep trying.”

In her latest project, Florence Foster Jenkins, the actress portrays an heiress with the goal of becoming an opera sensation despite her lack of skills. Meryl admits she had fun learning the songs while “screwing around” with the tracks in the process.

She explained: “I did try to learn how to sing these arias properly. I had a great opera coach who taught me properly. Then for the last two weeks, how shall I put it, we screwed around with them.”

The star also believes that Hollywood is finally starting to provide better roles for older women. However, she believes that “ageism” is still a prominent issue.

She shared: “I don’t think there’s ever been a film in American film history that had as its leading person a 70-year-old character. So I was playing someone much older than myself. And somehow, I pulled it off.

Yes, I think there has been ageism and all these so-called market-driven decisions. But I was 58 when I made ‘Mamma Mia!‘ and that was the most popular film I’ve ever made!”

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