Mel C regrets her tattoos

Mel C has had a number of tattoos during the 1990s, particularly after reaching fame with the Spice Girls. As time passed, the 42-year-old now has some regrets and wishes she’d planned ahead.

When asked about her biggest regret, she told Britain’s Grazia magazine: “When I was young, I didn’t think too much about the future – I was very much in the present.

But fashion choices change and maybe I would have made different choices with my tattoos.”

And she has already warned her seven-year-old daughter about inking her body, saying: “I’ve already told Scarlet she isn’t getting any [tattoos].”

Mel C is only looking to protect her young, as she is naturally very close to her.

Asked whether she has a best friend, the Northern Star singer revealed: “At this point, my little girl, Scarlet – she’s such good company. We have some good girly chats…

Often my work takes me away and I’ve never missed anybody physically before but I ache to cuddle her when we’re apart.”

After her departure from the Spice Girls, Mel C drastically changed her looks starting with a short blonde crop. Although she was fond of the style, she was eventually forced to adapt something new.

“I loved it when I went solo and had short, spiky hair, but it went through a difficult stage when I was growing it out. I should have invested in extensions.”

The star also confessed that a fellow bandmate had once relieved herself in a plant pot while on tour, but refuses to give any names.

She explained: “The Spice Girls were in Japan doing promotional work once and there was nowhere to wee so an unnamed girl did it in a plant pot. It wasn’t me!”

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