Mel C is considering another child

Mel C – who has a seven-year-old daughter with ex-boyfriend Thomas Starr – admitted she’s feeling “broody” after fellow Spice Girls bandmate Geri Horner announced her pregnancy.

Horner had recently made the news public and is even letting her oldest daughter pick a name for the new tot. The star, however, acknowledges that raising another child is especially difficult as a single mom and may not give in to her desires.

Mel explained to Metro newspaper: “Like most women and guys whenever I see a baby I get broody. But I’ve had a baby and know what hard work it is! Being a parent is the most wonderful and most scary thing you can ever do in your life.”

As most parents do, Mel always worries about her daughter getting older and hopes that social media doesn’t affect the child negatively during her teenage years.

“But I do worry. Every generation is growing up in such a different world to its parent for all the great things the internet and social media bring us there is a real dark side to it.”

The singer – who just released a new album and is heading on tour – also admitted she’s not much of an extrovert despite her celebrity status.

She explained: “I’m not actually an extrovert. It seems strange. I am happy to go on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people to perform but I don’t really like being looked at very much.

I don’t feel like I am attracting too much attention. As a young person I wanted to be looked at. With time, that has changed. Having a childhood ambition to be famous and successful you don’t really have a full understanding of it. When it happens you re-evaluate everything.”

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