Mel B praises husband Stephen Belafonte

Mel B recently wrote a touching message on Instagram dedicated to husband Stephen Belafonte. She describes him as her “baby boo” and says he consistently takes her breath away.

The Spice Girls singer married Belafonte in 2007 and the two now have a five-year-old daughter. Now, almost 10 years since their wedding anniversary, the star publicly shared how the businessman still makes her feel.

The post consisted of the 41-year-old kissing him on the cheek, along with the caption: “Boom Nearly 10 years strong and he still makes my heart beat fast and takes my breath away, my baby boo forever#myheartandsoul #rideordie #wenocrazy#noonecantouchus #theytried#noonelikeyou.”

The America’s Got Talent judge – who has two other daughters with Jimmy Gulzar and Eddie Murphy, met Belafonte on the set of a movie titled Talk. They remained friends for a number of years before eventually starting a relationship.

The singer had previously shared: “Stephen and I never had a romantic relationship in all those years, so it was quite a shock when it happened. One night, we’d been out and he just kissed me. I thought, what was that?”

The two got married only four months into dating, and Belafonte – who also has a daughter from a previous relationship – revealed he had never felt so strongly about anyone due to his chemistry with Mel B. He also admitted that being her close friend made the relationship process much easier.

“I’d never connected with someone on so many levels and, after a while, it just lined up. Knowing each other so intimately already meant all our cards were on the table. She knew all my crazy s**t, and I had her full story. That’s been an amazing base for us. I’ve never had that before.”

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