Meghan Trainor believes she found “the one”

Meghan Trainor has confessed she’s fallen hard for her boyfriend Daryl Sabara and is even considering settling down with him. The two have only been dating for five months, but she is fully convinced that he is “the one.”

She told Entertainment Tonight: “I’m in love! I just had my five month anniversary yesterday.

We went out to dinner and we did puzzles because I love doing puzzles lately. He bought me three special cool puzzles that are like 3D and we spent the day just chilling. It was awesome.”

And despite taking her several months to fall in love, she knew the Spy Kids star was right for her due to the amount of attention he paid her by their second date.

She shared: “I’ve never been treated so nicely from a guy…he showed up to our second date with a rose in his hand and I was like, ‘Oh, you’re a movie, awesome.’ I was like, ‘You’re the one!’ ”

The 22-year-old singer acknowledges that marriage may not happen any time soon, but she credits him for inspiring several love songs along the way.

“I actually made him write some songs with me, so we’ve collaborated. It’s fun to have someone that understands what you’re doing and he loves artists, so he loves getting to see the behind-the-scenes.”

Daryl, meanwhile, has been looking after his girlfriend after she was forced to cancel several tours last summer following a vocal cord hemorrhage. However, since she underwent surgery last year, people have consistently said her voice has improved.

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