Mary J. Blige: I’ve finally got my life back

Mary J. Blige is in the middle of a messy divorce with her estranged husband, Martin Isaacs, but says her life is finally looking up and she relies on fans to get through difficult situations.

She shared with the Mail Online: “I’ve finally got my life back. My fans have saved me. I have to keep going for them … I chose life. At anytime we all go through dark times. You might lose something when you make a positive choice and lose something when you make a negative choice, so for me it’s best to just lose whatever you’re going to lose to get your life back.

My fans have saved me too. It’s only when you hear people’s testimonies that ‘you saved my life’ or ‘helped me get out of an abusive relationship’ that you realise going through these hard times makes you stronger.”

The Be Without You hitmaker has also learned to love herself more and has put greater focus on long-term goals.

“I chose to love Mary from the inside out. I’m not letting my hairstyle carry me or my jacket or boots. I can look at the mirror now when all this stuff is peeled back and say, ‘I like you.’ Finally. My secret is positivity, water, prayer.

I try to eat right I should be really big because I’m such a foodie. I work out, at least four days a week and I’m very committed to it, because it makes me feel good and happy. I run too, but the most I can do is three miles because I don’t really like running. But I get it done.”

She also revealed the kinds of foods that keep her feeling healthy, especially after avoiding certain meals that caused swelling and inflammation.

She continued: “I have a nutritionist and I found out eggs and dairy we’re causing swelling and inflammation. I was working out really hard and losing weight, but around my middle I couldn’t work out what was going on. So I stopped eating dairy for a week and immediately I saw it was the problem. So when I’m home I try to keep it gluten free, keep breakfast kind of lean.”

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