Mark Wahlberg reflects on the Boston marathon bombings


Boston-native Mark Wahlberg took on the role of Sergeant Tommy Saunders in the film Patriots Day, based on the 2013 marathon bombings. The incident took the lives of six people and left over 275 others injured.

While Mark felt a sense of pride while working on the project, he also finds it difficult to think and talk about these events.

He stated while speaking at a special screening: “It’s such a small community, so everyone knew someone who was affected.

I also felt a sense of pride being there. It was extremely difficult making [the] movie… it’s becoming more and more difficult to talk about it.”

And Kevin Bacon – who stars as FBI agent Richard Deslauriers – talked about the importance of not living in fear of terrorist attacks, as he believes being scared is a way of letting them win.

He shared: “You have to choose whatever feels right to you and your family… but what I choose is to not live in fear. Because if you live in fear, they won.”

Mark had previously confessed he felt immense pressure to represent the movie properly due to its highly sensitive nature.

“We felt like it was very important to do this, but do it right. And of course, me being from Boston, and knowing that I would be held accountable personally, it was a lot of pressure, certainly more pressure than I’ve ever felt.

Everybody knows somebody who was directly affected by this. It’s such a small community. So, yeah, I felt an enormous amount of pressure, but I knew, based on my work experience with Pete [Berg, the director], that he was the right guy for the job because of how much he cares,” he explained.

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