Marilyn Manson speaks up for Johnny Depp

Generally unknown to the outside world, Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp have been close for many years now. The artist recently spoke out about the bitter divorce between his friend and Amber Heard.

He also highlighted how close the two are by acknowledging Depp’s children with ex-partner Vanessa Paradis, which include Lily-Rose, age 17, and Jack, age 14.

He told the Daily Beast: “Lily-Rose is my goddaughter and I was there when Jack was born, so we go back. Johnny is one of the nicest people that I know – to the extent where it’s almost heartbreaking how kind he is to his friends, and everyone around him. I know that he was completely crucified – unjustly.”

Manson went on to say the claims made my Heard back in May are “bulls**t.”

“I would stand by him on anything. As my friend, I know that he’s handling it the best he can and he’s a great dad, too. It fills me with joy to see his kids grow up and be so smart, and so hilarious. We played a show together not too long ago. It’s hard to say when you talk about your friends.”

He continued to say: “Of course I think that all of it was bulls**t, and I think that he is a great person. I wouldn’t agree with any of it if someone were to put me on the stand and ask me what I know, or what I’ve witnessed.”

Several friends, including Winona Ryder, have also come to Depp’s defense in recent months.

Heard and Depp reached a settlement in August and she donated the money to various charitable organizations. A judge has since discontinued her restraining order as a result.

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