Marilyn Manson looking to date a nice, understanding girl

Marilyn Manson says he is looking to meet and date a nice girl who accepts his wild side as well as his real, everyday identity.

The rocker – who was previously married to Dita Von Teese – considers himself a “wildcat” and has been described “as flypaper for crazy women.” This has led the artist to seek a down-to-earth and open-minded girl who can keep up with every side of him.

When Dazed magazine asked about his type, the artist shared: “Nice ones. I’ve avoided that – unintentionally – in the past. Not naming anyone and saying that they were mean, but I think I’ve been described as flypaper for crazy women.

It’s hard to take on that role when I’m so unreasonably unusual to handle. I guess I’m a wildcat. I find myself wanting to locate a girl who is truly nice, and understands both Brian and Marilyn Manson. It’s person and persona, it’s all of it, it’s a handful.

So, someone who is nice enough and kind enough to deal with that. I’m not sure if they make that sort of person. I’ll let you know if I find out.”

The 47-year-old also insists not to take them too far on a first date due to being reasonably private about intimate moments.

He added: “I don’t really like to share any sort of conversation or intimate moments around strangers in a public environment, so I would say my house.”

The rocker jokingly talked about the benefits of keeping a first date close to home, adding that it would be easy to dispose of them: “Also, that makes it convenient in the event that the date goes south and I have to kill the person. There would be no evidence, no witnesses. I have an incinerator in my backyard.”

Finally, the star says that a date in his own home wouldn’t consist of ulterior motives as he simply doesn’t “put out” that easily.

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