Mariah Carey reveals her daily eating plan

Mariah Carey arrives at an event in NYC.Mariah Carey has admitted to have a pretty strict diet. In fact, the star only eats fish and capers in an effort to stay in shape. Naturally, she confessed that this lifestyle is “really hard” to follow, but in the end it’s all worth it.

Speaking to E! News, the pop star stated: “It’s really hard. My diet, you would hate it. All you eat is Norwegian salmon and capers every day. That’s it.”

The 46-year-old singer – who has five-year-old twins with Nick Cannon – insists the secret to a great body is consuming a good amount of proteins. Despite describing it as the worst part of her diet, it doesn’t appear as though she’ll abandon the lifestyle any time soon.

Asked to elaborate further, she explained: “I’m actually serious. I try to stick with the proteins. It’s the worst.”

And Mariah’s drive to stay in shape is helping her cope with the recent split from billionaire businessman James Packer. The star decided to end their engagement recently but admitted she’s not too hurt.

She revealed: “I think I’m doing well…No, I’m actually…Everything happens for a reason. Things are the way they are … It’s kind of difficult to talk about it at the moment. So, I’m just going to compliment you on these decorations once again because they are fabulous, and I am here, among them.”

The two ended their romance after a heated argument in Greece. Although exact details have not been disclosed, Mariah is reportedly happy to have “dodged a bullet” by not walking down the aisle.

An insider explained: “She’s ready to move on. She feels like she dodged a bullet … The negotiations aren’t going well.”

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