Madonna extends her support to Kim Kardashian West

Singer Madonna – who claims to be the victim of assault when she was only 19 – reached out to Kim Kardashian West to offer the help and support she needs. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was the victim of armed robbery in Paris last month, resulting in stolen jewelry after the perpetrators locked her in the bathroom.

An insider explained to Closer magazine: “Madonna has been helping Kim with daily phone calls and Skype sessions.

Although they’ve known each other for a long time, they’ve become so close over the past few weeks. Madonna knows what Kim has been through and is helping her find the courage to carry on with her life.

They’ve found they have quite a lot in common and Kim really trusts Madonna’s advice as they’ve known each other for so many years.”

And Madonna isn’t the only prominent figure to lend her support. Courtney Love – who was also in Paris hours before the robbery took place – vowed to “beat up” those who put the brunette beauty through such trauma.

She stated: “I was sitting next to her at the Givenchy show and it happened an hour later. It’s so horrible. I just wrote her a letter and said, ‘If I find them I’ll beat them up. I’m so sorry.'”

The two became friends through their mutual pal Ricardo Tisci. And while some people have been surprised by the friendship, Love assures everyone they actually have a lot in common.

She revealed to Refinery29: “There was a VIP after-party for Riccardo’s last collection in New York, and for a while, it was just me and Kim. We found out we had a whole lot of stuff in common: the same doctors, we’re both L.A. girls.

Then, of course, we took a selfie, and my internet exploded. Like, ‘What are you doing? You’re punk rock!’ It’s like, she’s punk rock, too. She’s maybe not as willing to get up onstage and take off her top…”

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