Louis Walsh is happy over Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s pregnancy

Louis Walsh has had multiple run-ins with both Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and her boyfriend Liam Payne. However, he took the time to acknowledge her pregnancy and insists that starting a family will make her “really happy.”

The X Factor judge has temporarily put his problems with the 33-year-old star aside, adding to the Daily Star: “I think Cheryl and Liam starting a family will make her really happy. I honestly think she deserves to be happy.

And I think this will make her happy over and above what her career does. Liam’s a nice guy. I have nothing bad to say about them.

I don’t think being a mum will affect her career at all if she doesn’t want it to. It’s never too late. I only wish her the best.”

Not everything has been positive, though, as Liam had previously slammed Louis for insulting a reporter when asked about Cheryl returning to the X Factor.

The 23-year-old singer tweeted: “Congratulations Louis Walsh for setting the worst example on handling media for his band who are about to step into a very hard industry.

Maybe it’s about time you realise it’s not all about you and shut the f**k up for once, let them speak.”

Likewise, the judge has also criticized the former One Direction artist for “believing the hype around them.”

He commented about the group, which coincidentally made their debut on the X Factor in 2010: “We create monsters in the music business – they only become famous because they’ve been on the show and we got you those songs.

They’re lucky f**kers, but some get a sense of entitlement and believe the hype. Too many artists appear to forget where they came from.”

Elvis Michael

Elvis is a featured writer for Morning Ticker, where this post originally appeared.

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