Liv Tyler says social media helps actors land more jobs

Liv Tyler believes that actors are more likely to get hired if they have an active social media following.

The Leftover actress – who is frequently engaged on the likes of Instagram – says that while many stars can “transcend” this pressure, others are less likely to land jobs without a prominent social network. This is mainly due to an actor’s ability to promote an ongoing project with their fans.

Asked about the importance of social media and marketing, she told The Hollywood Reporter: “I know that people who have more followers tend to get more jobs than people that don’t. But some of the most elegant people I know and love would never dream of doing it, some people sort of transcend it.”

But the 39-year-old actress – who has three children and is engaged to Dave Gardner – insists she’s not pressured about using social media to promote or sell. While she is open to the occasional marketing, the actress uses these networks to connect with fans more naturally.

She added: “I mean, you do have to do those things to some extent, but some people that’s all they’re doing, selling things.”

Tyler has a special appreciation for Instagram as she’s always enjoyed taking photographs. This has allowed her to share random moments with fans and show them glimpses of her everyday life.

“I personally have always really loved to take pictures – if I didn’t do what I did I’d love to be a photographer. In that way it’s a really nice platform to be able to talk about the things that are important to me, or just to show the visuals of the way I see the world.”

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