Lindsay Lohan reportedly dating Dennis Papageorgiou

After a bitter split from Egor Tarabasov, Lindsay Lohan has found love with new boyfriend Dennis Papageorgiou. The actress has dubbed Papageorgiou the man who “saved her” from Tarabasov after defending her during a heated argument with the ex-fiancé.

Lohan – who broke up with the Russian businessman in July – has been spotted with the restaurant owner on numerous occasions after meeting him during her 30th birthday.

A source revealed to The Sun newspaper: “Lindsay initially met Dennis at her 30th birthday party on Mykonos, but she only had eyes for Egor at that point.

But Egor showed his true colours in a series of blazing rows, and Dennis did too with how he stepped in to help. Lindsay says they are very serious and she’s been referring to him as the man who saved her from Egor.”

Likewise, Papageorgiou reportedly ditched his long-term girlfriend Noelle Koutra to start a relationship with Lohan.

The insider shared: “It’s a weird scenario to meet in but they’re taking things seriously. Dennis ended it with Noelle to be with Lindsay, so it’s not something they’re taking lightly. Lindsay is hoping this is a start of a more healthy relationship.”

The Mean Girls star had previously accused Tarabasov of physical abuse and claims to be afraid of him.

“I realise now you can’t stay in a relationship just for love. No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry,” she previously added.

It seems that everyone is against the ex-fiancé, as Michael Lohan recently accused him of not being the man he claims to be.

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