Lady Gaga says fame can be toxic

Lady Gaga says the price of fame can be steep, as it’s both “alienating” and “toxic.” The star credits her success to connecting with other people and insists a “human connection” helps her compose great songs.

She said on SiriusXM’s Feedback show: “Fame is so alienating and it’s toxic for the creative process, for me, because I need human connection in order to write music. If I go to a bar or to the grocery store or wherever and I try to talk to somebody and the whole time they’re screaming or trying to take a picture, I can’t get to know them.

I can’t ask them a question. I can’t learn about their life or share something about mine. I don’t get asked very often, you know, really super deep things about myself and that is hard and it’s scary. Really scary because you just feel like, ‘Will I ever, ever again talk to somebody and have them see me as a person?'”

And the star says that while her new album carries a lot of emotion, it isn’t meant to be this way from beginning to end.

“I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily thematically painful the whole way through – because it’s quite a fun album as well. The pain is in my voice.”

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga recently admitted it’s difficult to compose music when “negative thoughts” invade her head, adding: “I get blocked by my own trauma sometimes. The darkness, the loop of negative thoughts on repeat, clamours and interferes with the music I hear in my head. When I’m making music, I can hear all the parts, all the instruments. I can hear what it should be.

You start to get into a zone — what I would also describe as a mindfulness. You have to be aware that there are unwanted things coming in, but there is clarity in there, too, and you have to find it.”

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