Lady Gaga says being a woman isn’t easy

Lady Gaga firmly believes that every woman shares similar life struggles and admitted it can all be overwhelming at times.

Speaking to the Sunday Times newspaper, the pop star insisted that being a woman isn’t easy and many don’t feel heard or acknowledged. She said: “Many women, no matter their race, colour, religion, go through the same issues with men, bodies, minds. A lot of women shut down, as they don’t feel heard. It ain’t easy. I know it is pulling me apart.”

The artist revealed she also touches upon the subject in her upcoming album, Joanne, which serves as a tribute to her father’s sister, who passed away from lupus.

She said: “This is about an unconditional love women should have for each other.”

And the Poker Face hitmaker is eager to promote a brand of feminism that discourages women from fighting one another.

“It is quite simple. I’d like women to hear the song and, when they walk into a bar and see a girl they’ve never met, they just go, ‘Hey girl!’ And that means, I know. We’re in this bar, and these men are foolish, but I got you…”

The star also says her new album is more substantial than any other she had previously worked on.

“I’m older and in a strong state of reality, trying, with statements about positivity and love, to speak in a way that is not too naive, perhaps, in a way where people who live in this world can relate to what I’m saying, as opposed to feeling it’s la-di-da… It’s about using words and allowing the pain I feel to exist on the record, and not to hide it with anything. I’ll say that.

My mother cried when I started recording [this]. I asked ‘What’s wrong?’, and she said, ‘There’s so much pain in your voice now.'”

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