Lady Gaga praises Selena Gomez for her bravery

Lady Gaga attends The 2016 American Music Awards in Los AngelesLady Gaga took a moment to commend Selena Gomez for remaining so strong following an intense battle with depression. The star praised her for opening up about such struggles and being an active role model for others experiencing similar issues.

Gomez admitted herself into rehab to fight the illness which resulted from the autoimmune disease lupus. She recently took a stand at the American Music Awards (AMA) earlier this month and received tremendous support from fans and fellow celebrities.

Lady Gaga explained on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on radio station KIIS FM: “I found it very brave of her to stand up and speak about [depression]. I know her and I had a kindred excitement for her at that moment.

As artists we don’t want to let people down. I found it very brave of her to let it out and take the shackles off. You don’t always have to keep up a good front to succeed, what matters most is you’re OK inside. I applaud her.”

And the Perfect Illusion singer urged others to be more open about their problems, explaining there’s no need to bottle them up to be successful.

“You don’t always have to keep up a good face and a good front in order to succeed. What’s most important is that on the inside you’re OK because it’s your heart that matters,” she added.

Moreover, she had recently spoken highly of Kanye West following his hospitalization earlier this week, as the star suffered “temporary psychosis” as a result of exhaustion.

She previously posted on Twitter: “It’s not funny to joke about anyone’s possible or not possible mental illness, this is a sensitive time for many. Let’s be kind & loving.

While I don’t agree with everything he does I hope the public shows compassion and [love] for @kanyewest and each other. One love. One Race.

“@kanyewest i support & love u brother, I see in you bravery & courage to stop this tour & take care of YOU. You are a GREAT artist”

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